Volunteer of the Month
March 2020
Image of Mary
Mary Wery is our March Volunteer of the Month!  Mary is the first person to sign up for new volunteer opportunities and is always ready to try new things!  Mary volunteers on a regular basis as several of our schools. She helps in the library and also participates in the Sparks reading program.  She volunteers for field trips, book fairs and whatever other volunteer needs become available. So far this year, Mary has volunteered over 160 hours!  Thank you, Mary, for sharing your time and talents with our students and staff. You are so appreciated!

February 2020
Photo of Becky
Becky Larson is our February Volunteer of the Month!   Ms. Becky has volunteered in so many ways over the past five years at John Dewey Academy of Learning. Most recently, she has used her expertise as a certified life coach to lead a seminar titled HOPE (Hope-filled, Optimistic Perspectives, Everyday) which focuses on developing intrinsic motivation through self-discovery of values, self-care and esteem, communication skills, goals/dreams, gratitude, strengths and creativity. Ms. Becky is such an important part of our learning community and we are incredibly thankful for her presence each and every week.  




January 2020
image of BlancaBlanca Ramos is our January Volunteer of the Month!  Blanca has been volunteering for over 15 years at Nicolet Elementary.  Blanca helps in the lunchroom with breakfast, cleans tables, helps the students with their breakfast and translates when needed.  Blanca comes in nearly every day of the week. Blanca’s contributions to Nicolet are priceless! Thank you for all of your years of service to Nicolet Elementary!

December 2019

Photo of PhilPhil Dixon is our December Volunteer of the Month!  Phil has been a chess player since his high school days and shares his love for Chess in our school District.  Phil has provided start up funding and materials to build Chess clubs across the District. He also provides ongoing Chess Club support at Franklin Middle School and Elmore Elementary.  We are so grateful that you have donated your time, talents and treasures to allow our students to participate in Chess clubs!

November 2019

Photo of Mary SmithMary Smith, a former Fort Howard employee, continues to give her time and talent to the staff and students at Fort Howard.  She consistently is at the schools around 40 hours a week assisting teachers in the classroom, helping the office complete tasks, organizing the book room, among other things.  When asked, “What does Mary do?”  The answer was, “What doesn’t Mary do!”  “Mary is amazing and we are so grateful for her dedication and care for the Fort Howard family.  We would be lost without her.” - Principal DeAnn Lehman.  Thank you, Mary!

October 2019
Margaret VanDeu
Photo of Margaetrzen was one of the original teachers at L. I. Wilder when Green Bay open the school in 1990. When she retired, after teaching many years of 5th grade at Wilder, she found she still wanted to work with kids, especially 5th graders. She has been volunteering ever since she retired!  She reads stories with the students in 5th grade. She comes in twice a month(sometimes more) and spends an hour in each classroom sharing all kinds of interesting stories. She also comes in on special occasions and does writing projects with the students. The 5th graders love when she comes in and always ask when she will be back. Thank you so much, Margaret!!

September 2019

Photo of BonnieBonnie Somers volunteers on a regular basis at Tank Elementary in affiliation with the Altrusa Club.  She not only scoops up ice cream for Root Beer Floats on Fridays, but helps all of the Altrusa Club members to become volunteers, as well!  Your dedicated time and organization is priceless!  Thank you, Bonnie!

June 2019

Mary Champion
Mary Champion is our June Volunteer of the Month.  She is the grandma/guardian of one of our scholars at Howe Community School.  She has walked every Friday to help our scholars pop popcorn; rain, snow or shine and often by herself.  She never asks for anything in return. She volunteered for the Superintendent's Counsel last year.   "She is the best :)" - Principal.  Thank you, Mary for all you do!


 May 2019
Image of MandyMandy Buntin helps by supplying Yoga mats to many GBAPS schools and teaches yoga to our students at Franklin and may other schools in our district! What a wonderful to give back to the community! Thank you Mandy!

April 2019 
Image of Craig BastenCraig Basten has been volunteering with the school district for many years.  Throughout his years, he has volunteered at several schools, including Fort Howard where he read with students weekly.  He develops strong bonds with the students, checking in on them when they move up in grades, even schools. Craig’s passion and kindness are unmatched.  Thank you for your years of commitment!

 March 2019
Image of John KennedyMr. Kennedy comes once a week and reads with students one-on-one at Baird Elementary. He listens to their stories and shares stories about his travels and adventures with them. He brings pictures from the places he goes to help them understand how people live other places and the things they do. He builds relationships with the students and they love and look forward to reading with him every week.  Thank you John for all you do for our students!

 February 2019
Image of PatrickPatrick Zelzer reads outside the classroom 1 day a week with a variety of students in a 1:1 setting to help support reading fluency and comprehension at Fort Howard Elementary.  Thank you for your dedication, Patrick!

January 2019
Image of Jenny
Jenny Jarnig has been volunteering at Webster since Sept 2018.  Jenny has two boys at Webster.  Her employer supports their employees volunteering, however, Jenny does it because it makes her "happy to help teachers and be with the kids".  Thank you for taking time out of your day to support our teachers and students!

December 2018

Image of RondaRonda Kincheloe has been a wonderful resource for the Green Bay schools.  Two years ago she helped coordinate a district wide volunteer reading program, Sparks.  She is currently a participant in the program and volunteers her time reading with students as well as volunteering for other opportunities across the district.  She develops meaningful relationships with the students who look forward to reading with her every week. Thank you Ronda for your support and dedication to our students and staff!

November 2018

Photo of MaritaMarita Pagel helps with everything in the classroom at Red Smith!  Marita corrects papers, checks take-home folders, works with students in small groups and one-on-one.  She helps students with their reading, math, and art projects. Marita reads with students and listens to them read to her.  She reviews math learning with individual students for work completion. Students practice the ABCs and sight words with Mrs. Marita.  We are lucky to have you!

October 2018

Carol Borremans
Carol Borremans is our October Volunteer of the Month!  Carol listens to students read 1 on 1 at MacArthur Elementary.  She is a wonderful addition to the classroom and we are lucky to have her working with the students.  Thank you Carol for your service!

September 2018

Photo of VirginiaVirginia Abrahamson is our September Volunteer of the Month. Virginia reads with 5th grade students 3 to 4 afternoons a week at Wilder Elementary. She also helps with bigger projects that we do as a grade level. She has been doing this for 5 years. The students love her and call her "Grandma".  Thank you Virginia for all you do for our students!

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