How will virtual learning look different in the fall than it did in the spring?
During the summer, the District has been working hard to ensure that students have a significantly improved experience with virtual learning in the fall. Below are ways in which it will look different. 

  • Students will have access to the same curriculum that they would have access to in an On-Site environment.
  • Students will have a set schedule of their school day including specific subjects and required times to join their class for live lessons.
  • A class meeting time or "Community Circle" for elementary students and a Homeroom or Advisory time for secondary students has been included in the students schedule. This will be an opportunity for social/emotional instruction and to check-in on the well-being of students. 
  • All students 4K-12 will receive instruction on Digital Citizenship to assist in learning and practicing computer safety.
  • Students will receive "live" instruction via Google Meets daily. Increasing the amount of time students will have live contact with their teacher. 
  • Students will have access to small group instruction to meet individual learning needs.
  • All new learning will be recorded for students and parents to access to review at a later date.
  • Virtual science laboratory software and interactive programs have been purchased to allow for students to demonstrate competencies and skills.Students will have an opportunity to "pick up"  books, journals, and resources that they will need to use during instruction and independent work.
  • Additional technology tools have been added to assist teachers in developing engaging and interactive activities with students.
  • Each elementary student will be receiving a "Tool Box" of individual math manipulatives to support hands on learning of math concepts.

What professional learning will staff be receiving in order to improve the virtual learning experience for students and families?
All school staff will be receiving professional development to improve the overall learning experience in the fall. School administrators will receive professional development on supporting their staff in the online environment; teachers will learn about the principles of online teaching and learning, Google Classroom, technology integration and digital resources and digital citizenship; and all staff will have professional development regarding social/emotional learning, relationship building, trauma and behavior, and culturally and linguistically responsive practices.

Is there going to be a pass/fail option like there was for the 2019-20 school year? 
For the 2020-21 school year, the grading policy will once again be in place. 

Will it be required that each student has a COVID test before school starts that is within a reasonable time frame?

The District will not be requiring or conducting COVID-19 testing of all students prior to the start of the school year. 

If my student needs a device how do I get one?
Schools will be reaching out to families to determine who needs a device and whether or not they have access to the Internet. Grades 1-12 will receive a Chromebook. Students in 4K and younger will receive an iPad. 

How will my child receive Special Education services in the off-site (virtual) model? 
For students who receive special education services, the experience during off-site will be very similar to the classroom, where teachers and paraprofessionals will join the virtual instruction to support students. This virtual support may also be one-on-one or within small groups. Any special education services and physical/occupational/speech therapy that cannot be delivered through the off-site model as determined by the Individualized Education Plan (IEP) Team, will be provided at one of the District’s schools. In addition, many families have questions about the services their children received during the school closure. In accordance with the Department of Public Instruction guidance, we will be evaluating students’ academic progress prior to the school’s closing last spring, at the start of the 2020-21 school year, and at their IEP to determine if any additional services may be needed to make progress toward IEP goals. When determining this, we look at whether or not they were able to make progress and recoup skills at the same rate as their regular education peers. There will be rare exceptions where students will be on-site who need special education or English Learner services, where the off-site model is unable to provide a Free Appropriate Public Education.
If a staff member or student test positive for COVID-19, will parents be informed?

While privacy laws keep us from sharing each of these cases with you, if your student/you has been in direct contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19 or someone whose medical provider diagnosed them with a presumed case of COVID-19, you will be contacted by school/District and the Brown County Health Department. 

In a school/classroom setting, direct contact is defined as being within 6 feet of the affected individual for more than 15 minutes (cumulative minutes with a face covering) and/or having physical contact (hug, handshake, etc.) with the individual. You will be notified by the Brown County Health Department with information regarding whether or not you/your child will need to quarantine and to monitor symptoms.

What steps is the District taking to mitigate the spread of COVID-19?
The District will be following guidance from the Wisconsin Department of Health and Human Services, Brown County Health Department, Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and our local medical community. Efforts to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 include: frequent hand washing throughout the day, required face coverings, physical distancing, physical barriers (sneeze shields), symptom checks, additional cleaning, and requesting staff and students to stay home if they are experiencing and COVID-19 symptoms: cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing OR two (2) of the following symptoms: fever >100.4, headache, chills, muscle pain, loss of taste/smell, nausea, vomiting or diarrhea.

Are there or will there be metrics at the individual school level (e.g., number of confirmed positive cases for students within a specific school) that would trigger an individual school (rather than county/state metrics that would apply to the entire district) to transition to all virtual learning? If so, what are those metrics and how will data/trends at the individual school level be communicated to teachers/parents/students?
The District will be using Brown County and State data. While the Department of Public Health and Human Services maps do provide information according to census tracks and allow the District to look closely at where the positive cases are within the District boundaries, this information would only be useful if all students attended their neighborhood school, which is not the case in the District. 

Will students be able to take classes in person or online with education partners (like NWTC)?
As of 8-3-20 we know that based on the course, colleges will be offering virtual, blended, or in person options. We are encouraging students to continue their  academic programs by signing up for these courses.

For families who choose to home school their children, what is the process to enroll them in up to two classes through the District?
The process for requesting to attend up to two courses in the District for non-public school students is described in Board of Education Policy 423 and Rule 423. The parent or guardian must submit the completed application form no earlier than six (6) weeks before the date the course is scheduled to start and no later than one (1) week before the date the course is scheduled to start. Applications submitted less than one week before the date the course is scheduled to start will be denied as untimely, except in a situation (e.g., a change in residency) where the student first became eligible to submit an application after the deadline had passed, in which case such an application will be processed up to two weeks into the start of any term.   

If parents choose to leave GBAPSD to homeschool or to attend a school outside of the District for the 2020-2021 school year, will their positions at one of the District’s choice schools or charter schools be held for the 2021-22 school year?
No. If parents choose to homeschool or enroll into another school (whether it be to attend a private school, their resident district if they were open enrolled into GBAPSD or whether they open enroll out of GBAPSD to a non-resident district) their spot in the non-attendance area, choice school (e.g., Aldo, Da Vinci) or charter school will not be held for them for the 2021-2022 school year.  
If a student chooses to return to GBAPSD for 2021-2022 and they want to attend a school other than their GBAPSD attendance area school, they will need to apply either through Intra-District Transfer (if they are a GBAPSD resident student) or Open Enrollment (if they are a non-resident student) to attend the non-attendance area or choice school or charter school. The District will not be holding spots for students at non-attendance area or choice schools or charter schools.  
However, if the student chooses to attend the all virtual model in the District for 2020-2021, the student will be allowed to return to the non-attendance area or choice school or charter school for 2021-2022.

If I homeschool my 5K student for the 2020-21 school year, and enroll them in the District for the 2021-22 school year, will he/she begin in 1st grade?
It is likely if a family chooses to homeschool their child for the 2020-21 school year, the student will need to repeat Kindergarten the following school year in the District. Wis. Stat. Sec. 118.15(1)(am) requires a child who is enrolled in 5-year-old kindergarten in a public or private school to regularly attend kindergarten during the school year and for the child to complete 5-year-old kindergarten as a prerequisite to being admitted to first grade in a public school. Wisconsin's homeschool program is only available starting in the 1st grade.  

If you plan to homeschool for only kindergarten for the 2020-2021 school year and to enroll your student in the District for the 2021-2022 school year as you will not have met the prerequisite of completing kindergarten prior to 1st grade and in most cases will be required to enroll your student in 5K for the 2021-2022 school year. The District does not historically waive the 5K completion requirement. Policy 421 provides that child may be admitted to first grade without having completed a kindergarten program only if the District determines that the student has met the conditions and standards for an exemption from the state’s Kindergarten completion requirement, as outlined in District procedures

Parents/guardians who wish to have their child considered for exemption from Kindergarten shall write a letter to the principal of their home attendance area school stating the reasons why their child should be exempt from Kindergarten. The parent/guardian shall provide any academic records or other information as may be relevant to the request. The letters shall be submitted no later than May 1 of the school year prior to the start of the next school year. For families moving into the District after the May 1 deadline, such request shall be submitted prior to enrollment in the District. If a parent/guardian submits a request after the applicable deadline, the District may not be able to fully evaluate the request, and the request may be denied as untimely. The ability to evaluate a late request will depend, in part, on the extent to which relevant and determinative information is already available, such that there is no need to schedule and conduct specific new assessments. Appropriate personnel will conduct an evaluation after determining the validity of the request with the parent(s)/guardian.

Face Coverings

What if a student chooses to wear their own face covering, instead of those provided by the District?
Student face coverings must follow the District’s dress code policy.

Will my child be required to wear a face covering?

Yes, students of all ages will be required to wear face coverings while being transported to school (whether that is on a school bus, metro bus or District van), and while in the school buildings. 

What is required for an item to be considered a face covering? 
Staff and students are encouraged to wear cloth face coverings that can be washed daily. The face covering must cover the individual's nose and chin and fit closely to the sides of the face. Each staff member and student will be provided with two (2) face coverings. If students arrive at school without a face covering, they will be provided with a disposable face covering. Clear face shields are allowed as long as the individual is also wearing a face covering over their nose and mouth.

Can the District legally require students to wear face coverings?
Yes. The Green Bay City’s Ordinance requires face coverings for everyone ages 5 and older in public places (which would include public schools/public transportation). The District is also legally allowed to require face coverings, no different than the District is able to have a dress code policy.

Will face coverings be required to be worn during physical education or recess?
No. Recess and physical education classes will be held outside as much as possible, and students will be encouraged to physically distance.

Will my child be disciplined or asked to go virtual if they cannot keep a face covering on?
Students will be expected to follow all safety protocols established. These protocols will be shared with staff and students, and schools will communicate with families and/or provide examples of the behavior expectations being taught in school. For students who do not follow safety protocols, teachers will work with the families on a case-by-case basis.

What if my child has a disability (such as Deaf or Hard of Hearing), will face coverings still be required?
The District will have limited exceptions that include medical conditions and disabilities. When the District moves to the blended learning model, we will determine which classrooms will need face coverings that provide the ability to read lips and see facial expressions.


If the school year starts off-site, are schools going to work on scheduling students to have the same teachers they would have had if all students had started on-site?
Yes. This will provide for a smoother transition when the District moves to the blended model.

If we choose to enroll our child(ren) in off-site/virtual model, and our child is open-enrolled or intra-district transferred into a school (JDAL, NEW Innovation, Leonardo da Vinci, Oak Learning, Aldo) do we lose our place in the school?

No. Students who are enrolled in the off-site/virtual model will continue to be enrolled in their school. 

If we choose to enroll our child(ren) in the off-site/virtual model for the start of school, and COVID-19 cases dramatically decline, are we able to have our child(ren) attend their District school in-person?
Yes. For smooth transitions, the District will provide an opportunity for parents to switch from off-site/virtual, to in-person at each quarter/trimester period during the school year. Please view the school calendar for those dates.

Blended Learning Model

Is the district doing anything to keep children in one house on the same schedule to allow parents to work?
Yes. In the blended model, the District will use a feature in Infinite Campus to create cohorts by course schedules and siblings in the same household. 

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