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The Food Service Department knows and understands that children who eat well-balanced, nutritious meals do much better in school. We use the highest quality products to make fresh, from-scratch meals. Each school day we provide healthy and affordable breakfast and lunch meals. Under the guidelines of the United States Department of Agriculture guidelines (USDA) breakfast provides over ¼ and lunch provides over ⅓ of a child's daily nutritional requirements.

Breakfast Meal Pattern

Lunch Meal Pattern

After School (CACFP) Meal Pattern

School Breakfast MyPlate

School Lunch MyPlate

Students are encouraged to make healthy food choices. We provide numerous options each day throughout all of the grade levels, from fresh fruits and vegetables to low fat meats. To help meet the very important nutritional needs of a growing student, we have planned the elementary, middle, and high school menus to accommodate diverse taste buds.

We also have the Offer vs. Serve program in the secondary schools. Offer vs. Serve Program allows students a choice for lunch at the middle and high school level. The student must take three of the five food choices that include a milk, meat or meat alternative, fruit, vegetable, and bread. At the elementary level students are offered all of the nutrition in the hot pack, a salad bar along with a variety of milk choices.


The District is committed to providing a safe atmosphere for our students and staff. To learn more about the District's School Board approved policy on wellness, please follow this link and search for Policy and Rule 458: Wellness and Procedures for Implementing District Wellness Policy.

Nutrition Secrets

All of the food prepared for the schools is made by Food Service staff that have been trained through the National Restaurant Association ServSafe Course. We value and believe in providing high quality, safe, and tasty food to all students. We have numerous secret recipes to provide nutrition and promote healthy eating which include:

  • Our muffins are made with applesauce instead of oil, which lowers the overall fat content.
  • All purchased lunchmeats and hot dogs are turkey based to provide a low fat option.
  • Our homemade cookies and bakery are made with a combination of whole wheat and white flour, making them a good source of fiber.
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables are provided each day to all students.
  • Low fat milk and chocolate fat free milk is offered each day to all students.
  • Choices of whole grain cereals are included in the breakfast menu.
  • Low fat and fat free salad dressings are used in school lunches.
  • Baked French fries are provided to the students.
  • Whole wheat bread for sub sandwiches and dinner rolls are available to help students meet their daily fiber needs.   

Health and Nutrition Links:

The Food Service Department values and practices good nutrition, food safety, and governmental compliance. Please click on the links below to view helpful resources to use to learn more about nutrition, wellness, and food safety.

State of WI Dept. of Public Instruction Lunch in a Nutshell Regulations: English  Español

Fizzy's Lunch Lab interactive games for students of all ages!


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